Formed in 2001: After MLS Cup 2001, in which the LA Galaxy suffered a heartbreaking loss, goalkeeper Kevin Hartman issued a challenge to a fan over dinner – form a supporters group of at least 100 loyal Galaxy fans to stand, sing and cheer for the Galaxy at every game. “Gato” promised a keg of beer for the group as a reward. On opening day of 2002, the LA Riot Squad, 100+ strong made it’s debut, and drank the first of many kegs.

Opening Day 2002
LA Riot Squad – 2002 Opening Day

Starting with our name, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the infamous Los Angeles Riots of 1992, standing with LARS is a different type of supporters experience. We’re there to support the team, watch a game with friends and have a few beers. While some supporters groups exist first-and-foremost to make a spectacle of themselves almost for the sake of it, that is not our intention. We exist to help propel the Galaxy to victory. We feel that this is done best by being attentive and responsive to the game as it happens. This works best when we are able to watch the game as it unfolds. You may notice other groups cheering indiscriminately of what happens on the field, oblivious to the nuances of the game. We make it a point to both cheer for the Galaxy and follow the events on the pitch. Believe it or not, that does set us apart.