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  1. haha sorry tailgating is drinking before the games. You can bring your own, but there will also be beer waiting for you. We treat our guests proper. On transport. LA Public transportation is shit. You could take a taxi or uber. That would be the quickest
  2. I tried adding a parking pass to my account...apparently they are sold out of them. As my inner white teenage girl would say, I CANT EVEN RIGHT NOW!!!
  3. I think you found the right place sir. We tailgate 2-3 hours before the game. There arent any pubs in the area, but we drink in the lot outside the stadium. You can find us here: http://lariotsquad.org/find-lars/ We do love to drink and get loud, so you'll fit right in
  4. Picked up JJ(still 3 more games he cant play) and Timmy howard(wont be here till july). Colorado are pretty stubborn already this season and dont give up too many goals(they also dont score any). It'll be interesting to see how this team responds to pretty strong players
  5. Chicago Fire 0- 0 Columbus Crew ---- (ZzZzZz) New York Red Bulls 4-3 Houston Dynamo ---- (A lesson in how to not be a good defender) FC Dallas 2-0 Montreal Impact ---- (Drogba's first game but Dallas looked good) Seattle Sounders FC 1-2 Vancouver Whitecaps ---- (Seattle still pointless after 3 games HAHAHA) LA Galaxy 3-1 San Jose Earthquakes ----- (KINGS OF CALIFORNIA) Portland Timbers 2-2 Real Salt Lake ---- (RSL gave up a lead late) Union/Revs @ 11:30 United/Rapids @ 2:00 KC/Toronto @ 4:00
  6. I like Van Damme, but he does seem to have 2-3 wtf moments a game. Otherwise very solid.
  7. I still don't understand how the 1(5 star) star is smaller than the current champion star...
  8. Colorado is usually a trap game, but we've done well away to them the last couple years. They're usually 1 of our 2 away wins haha
  9. They made lot 13 a "season pass" parking only lot. They didn't let any of us know before hand but it was in the game day email sent out on Saturday or Friday. They made most early people park in lot 10 & 11 and other people in lot 6 or the lot nearest to the school. It was a pain for most people (I just sort of bossed my way in there). I may just park in the parking lot next to lot 13 on Avalalon if this happens again. It'd be easier to get coolers/gear to and from the car. They've gotta let the supporter groups park near their tailgates. Its dumb.
  10. I need to figure out who never got their merch for signing up to the 138SC last year. Email me at edward.rodriguez06@gmail.com if that's the case. We can double check our records and get your missing merch to you
  11. There are a few places to grab a drink, but we just drink in the parking lot before the game. We get together by the Northeast entrance of the stadium. The majority of us arrive 2-3 hours before kickoff
  12. Im glad they're getting their stadium. It'll be good for us to have a rivalry with this team. I am salivating of the idea of a massive group on the metro lines headed to watch a game. Now if only our FO could get their heads out of their asses to get a bus from the metro to the Stubby like the Dodgers do, then we'd at least be showing some initiative
  13. Game on Boozers! Same bat time, same bat channel Saturday May 23rd, 10a-12p @ Hoover Middle School(3501 Country Club Dr, Lakewood, California 90712) We'll be on the field to the left of the schools entrance(the goals with the nets) Bring a white shirt/jersey AND a black shirt/jersey bring the ruckus!