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  1. Possible leak of info? If you own FIFA 17, go check out the latest roster update for LA Galaxy. I'm playing on career mode and found a guy named Ragusa on the team. No face whatsoever just a gray silhouette. I looked this guy up and Wikipedia has him at Everton right now. He is a midfielder from Chile and 23 years old. Can we be seeing a new DP?
  2. I hope LA doesn't sign him. He's great when it counts, but he has a problem being healthy until the ones that do. lol With all of the departures (staff included) I would not be amazed if Los Dos becomes Los Once. Without any public talk, it feels like LA has DP/TAM/GAM/BAM BAM targets in Europe but are awaiting the January transfer window. After today, I'm more worried about the lack of staff. We need to hire Matthew McConaughey just as he was in We Are Marshall.
  3. Thank you. Unfortunately no Galaxy bars out this way. We barely just got an Outlaw chapter despite having 3 leagues out here. I think most are casual fans/euro fans.
  4. Just like Ben, I am not looking forward to Onalfo. But I feel like I have to give him his due. Has anybody heard what his intentions are, aside from what he said in public conferences?
  5. Aloha all. Just signed up on the forums and got that membership! Won't be able to make any home matches in the foreseeable future but, nevertheless, I'll be cheering my ass off from afar. Looking forward to meeting you all. Brian