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  1. At last night US Open Cup game [ vs Seattle 07/20 ] @ the track and field stadium Gen Buck lost his glasses.
  2. LA Riot Squad Fantasy 2015: League Name: LA Riot Squad 2015 Code to join this league: 16304-3361 Cost: $5 Payable to ESCO at the tailgates. Join Now!!
  3. Name: Dagoberto Escobedo aka ESCO aka Fred Nice aka The Lakewood Beer King When did you join LARS: 2005. Favorite LARS moment: 2005 LA Galaxy vs San Jose [Away - Spartan Stadium] / Bike Jousting at the Park with NYRB Supporters / LARS vs La Legion in Lot 13 / Party Bus for Chelsea Game / Coliseum Games Favorite Drink: Jack N Coke / West Coast Hoppy IPA's [Nelson/Pliny/Beachwood] and that barrel aged stout sh*t. Do you play soccer: Simon every Tuesday / Thursday in the Lakes of Wood. Favorite current LA Galaxy Player: Juninho Favorite all time LA Galaxy Player: Landon Other teams: The Mighty Reds of Liverpool