LARS Champions League 2012 Photo Gallery

LARS Champions League 2012

  • S&P Keeper kit.

  • Lobo doing his best "Jesus de Nazareth" impression.

  • Jeremy doing his best to look like a french tennis player from the 80's.

  • Looking at these faces it's tough to believe they actually won this game.

  • Looks like the Big Boss still has something left in the tank.

  • Eyes on the ball; Dago vs. Winklevoss

  • #LARSChampionsLeague2012 Valley Secession United Football Club

  • #LARSChampionsLeague2012 Tupac's Crown of Roses Football Club

  • #LARSChampionsLeague2012 Beer And Gymnastics

  • #LARSChampionsLeague2012 Slap and Pickle Football Club