Finally time to bid farewell to Philly and say hello to New York, but first we have to tie up some loose ends.


Where it all began. 'Murica!

Where it all began. ‘Murica!

9:00 AM

After our failure to get inside of Independence Hall yesterday, Kristen and Kara make sure to be in line early. On the other hand, I spent some extra time in the shower to fully wake up. I make it to Independence Hall and through security just in time to wait our turn. Inside the first two rooms I felt like I was on any other tour, but when we reached IT, the room where it all happened, the room where America was born, that made me feel proud and a bit emotional.


10:30 AM

After some down time we headed to the train station for our train to New York. We hoped on the subway, and I have to say I’m very jealous of the public transit on the East Coast, not very clean, but it serves it’s purpose.




11:15 PM

We hopped on the train with the intentions of enjoying a few beers from the snack car, however, we only found seats a few cars behind and got lazy. I used the time to type up the Diaries, too bad the wifi wasn’t very fast. The train wasn’t a highspeeder but still, the trip was short. After getting off the train and walking into Penn Station in NYC, it took me all of two seconds to realize that there are way, Way, WAY more beautiful women in NYC than Philly, but neither has as many as LA of course.


1:30 PM

We split up to check into our respective rooms, and then had some down time. After checking and settling in I went for a walk in Central Park, before I realized it I had reached the end and was near Times Square. This, of course, meant it was tourist picture time.

Times Square is crowded for obvious reasons, but I doubt the 80-something year old naked cowgirl is it… definitely not one of the beautiful women mentioned above. There seems to be three Naked Cowgirls, and they’re all of varying ages. College Girl? Check. MILF? Check. Geriatric? One big sagging check.


Ours to conquer

Ours to conquer

4:30 PM

Soon after hitting Times Square I found myself at Radio City Music Hall, bright lights and good sights, but very bleh unless you’re inside, which I wasn’t. I wandered a bit more, and almost got run over twice. I’ve come to the conclusion that New York uses their traffic lights in reverse. No joke. No one has come close to running me over ever since I started crossing red lights. Eventually I got to 53rd and 6th, and my past trip to NY came rushing back to me. I had to get something to eat from the Halal Guys cart, otherwise my trip wouldn’t feel complete.


8:00 PM

Back in my room. Recovering from food coma.


10:30 PM

Back up and ready for drinks. We head to Patrick Conway’s, the plan is to barhop, but then it happened. Our bartender made a perfect pour of Guinness, then again, and again… Oh My God! We’re not going anywhere! So we stayed there, enjoyed some good food and perfect Guinness, and of course some Jameson.


A simple day, but it was our transitional day. Tomorrow there’s big plans for our first full day in NYC.